Special Olympics Québec’s programs promote accessibility for, and the inclusion and development of, people living with intellectual disabilities. They are supervised and supported by a contingent of exceptional professionals and volunteers.

Volunteer event organizers ensure that each athlete has a rewarding sporting experience. Participants are grouped by skill level into divisions of three to eight special athletes. In this way, each athlete has a real chance to reach the top of the podium.

The way Special Olympics Québec operates is unique and fundamental for athletes. Athletes compete in small groups, following a principle called “divisioning”. These categories are created based on skill level. The athletes experience fair, equitable, and healthy competition. This helps them to achieve their sporting goals and personal development.

While you, as family members and guardians, are already very involved in your special athletes’ day-to-day lives, you still find the time to be their top cheerleaders and supporters. You often become volunteers by transporting athletes or equipment, or you become a scorekeeper for a game, a coach, or a fundraiser.

You are essential to the smooth running of Special Olympics Québec activities. Thank you for your support!

“My daughter's development in her various activities only confirms the importance of my involvement with the Special Olympics Québec movement, whether as a parent volunteer/coach and supporter or as a member of the Board of Directors (and governor for the annual SUMMA fundraising event) to increase its influence in Quebec and the business community.”
Martin Parent
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