Healthy Communities

Healthy Communities is a model Special Olympics Health program addressing the severe health disparities faced by people with intellectual disabilities.

In general, people living with intellectual disabilities:

  • Face many barriers to primary health care access (including communication, socio-economic background, and physical accessibility issues).

  • Are less physically fit.

  • Are at increased risk of suffering from various medical problems.

  • Die 16 years earlier on average than the general population*.

To address the health disparities faced by people with intellectual disabilities, the Healthy Communities Model:

  • Aims to integrate health into all Special Olympics Québec programs.
  • Strives to improve access to quality health care and health education and prevention activities for people living with intellectual disabilities.
  • Raises awareness and trains health professionals in working with people with intellectual disabilities.

Through these actions, we want to ensure that people living with an intellectual disability get better access to health care, education and prevention activities adapted to their needs. Ultimately, Healthy Communities promotes the social inclusion of people living with intellectual disabilities.

This intervention model is implemented through a network of partners that includes college and university teaching environments, practising health professionals, local organizations, the corporate world, and the athletes’ proximity network.



*Special Olympics International

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