School program

The Special Olympics Québec School Program has been in place for several years in Quebec’s primary and secondary schools. Depending on the needs and objectives of the teachers, the program provides partner schools with access to different sports activities for students living with intellectual disabilities.

Through this program, students develop their independence and new skills and participate in school-based sports competitions. 

The Unified Sports concept has also been implemented as part of our school program and allows young people to participate in a Unified Sports activity. These socially inclusive opportunities raise awareness and create an inclusive environment where respect and acceptance are the norm, and all members of the community feel included and engaged. 

Unified Sports in schools breaks down barriers and stereotypes by raising awareness at an early age and helps create inclusive youth communities.

Benefits for the student:
  • Fun through sport
  • Greater social inclusion
  • Improved physical fitness
  • A chance to exceed personal goals
  • Gains in self-esteem
  • Greater autonomy
  • Development of interpersonal relationships
  • Being part of a sports club
“Our son Étienne comes home with a smile on his face and is proud of himself every time he takes part in a sports activity organized by SOQ. Through his contacts with the other students and facilitators, he has gained a lot of independence and self-esteem.”
Pilar and Jean-Philippe
parents of a student
“SOQ organizes many sports activities at our school through which our students enjoy a positive sports experience time and time again. The staff are attentive to our needs and very professional in the execution of their tasks.”
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